A portable sander machine plays an essential role in making surfaces smooth. The sander machine uses sandpaper to ensure exceptional surface transformation takes place. It is currently very popular for both home and industrial use. There are several types of sanding machines on the market. Each type functions differently. That means you get to buy the type you want, based on the specifications and what you want to achieve. Here is a guide to the various portable sander machines on the market.

A guide to the portable sander machines type

Do you operate furniture, building, or installation business and want to add tools that simplify your work? A sander machine is one of those devices that should top your list. But the issue comes when deciding what particular type to buy, especially if you have never bought a sander before. Worry not because this article will educate you on how to do that.

A portable belt sander machine

The machine has a continuous sandpaper loop known as a sanding belt. The loop runs in the machine the same way a cutting chain works in a chainsaw. The best time to use the belt sander is during the initial stages of sanding when the surface is very rough. Other common uses of the machine include freehand shaping and rounding, trimming a surface, and surface leveling.

A portable orbital sander machine

An orbital sander is an ideal tool for sanding wood. It removes wood at an exceptional rate. One of the best merits of the machine is that it ensures surfaces shine. It has a square shape, which provides it can get to all edges of a surface. The orbital sanders can either be random or regular. Regular sandpaper is best for the standard sander, while the random sander uses a purpose-made sanding disk.

Drum sanders

A portable drum sander machine is ideal for sanding plastic and wood. It has a handle you can use to push around a floor, like a lawn mower. The drum sander comes in handy when removing paint and adhesives from the floor. It can also help you to level out any imperfections on your surface. The machine is very powerful, so you must be careful when handling it. If you are not, there is a high chance that it can damage your wood floors.

Rotary sander machine

The rotary sander machine is any sander with a head that can turn in circles. It is ideal for sanding wood floors, especially near the baseboards. The device plays an essential role in smoothening trims to appear like a finish. The best benefit of a rotary sander is that you can use it on almost all materials. It also allows you to get close to all corners of a surface. You can use it in areas where other sanders cannot reach.


A portable sander machine is essential in transforming a rough surface into a smooth and shiny one. The different types of sanders in Alibaba have varying features and are worth it. Each plays a crucial role in ensuring an exceptional sanding job takes place.


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