Hoodies are the best when you want style without compromising on your comfort. They are excellent wears that elevate your everyday look to a trendy one. Hoodies come in various types, like closed-front, zipped, cross-necked, etc. The color range in hoodies is almost endless. However, red, black, and cream hoodies are the most popular.

Despite the plethora of options, buying the best hoodie is the dream of every trend-walker. Here are some considerations to help you buy the most fab hoodies this season.


The first and foremost thing you need to decide is what type of hoodie you want. Pullover and zipped hoodies are the most popular types.

A pullover hoodie is a closed-front hoodie that you pull over your head. In comparison, a zipped one has a zipper in front. Zipped and closed hoodies look equally dashing. However, the open-front ones offer more flexibility. You can customize your overall look with a solid-colored shirt and dark-hued pants.

Close-front hoodies are best when you want more protection from the freezing winter winds. There are other styles, like lace-up and raw split necks. But they are not super-common.

The Material

The next thing to consider is the stuff of the hoodie. Mostly hoodies come in cotton and fleece. However, some hoodies have a lining on the underside for increased endurance. They are popular among athletes. Softer and lighter materials hoodies work well for wearing in late summer and ending winter.


When you think about a hoodie, your mind conjures up an image of ‘full-sleeved’, capped external wear. However, there are three hoodie sleeve lengths available in the market. You can buy sleeveless, short sleeves, half-sleeved, and full-sleeved hoodies.


Do hoodies weigh? (Actually) They do. Commonly hoodies weigh around 6 to 10 oz. Some people prefer heavier hoodies for outerwear due to their durability. However, lighter ones make a more sensible choice if you plan on wearing the hoodie itself.


Deciding on a color helps you narrow your search and quickly pick a hoodie. Standard colors include red, black, and white; you’ll find nearly all the styles in these hoodies. However, if you are going with bold colors like neon green, or magenta, there may be a limited number of articles.

Elastic Bands

Mostly hoodies have lingerie or knitted elastic bottoms. The knitted elastic ones work well for both genders. However, waistband hoodies fall into the women-wear category as they use lingerie elastics (when shrink clinging to the waist).

How To Style Your Hoodie?

The type of hoodie you buy is fashion, while the way you wear it is style. Here are some timeless hoodie styling tips that never fail to work their magic.

  • Ripped jeans and hoodies are an impeccable match. Light denim ripped jeans look great with all kinds of hoodies. However, a closed-front has the most charismatic look with slim-fit jeans.
  • Waistband hoodies are excellent for teenage girls looking to attain a modern casual look. You can pair them with sweatpants to increase comfort.
  • Hoodies work great with long coats when you want a trendy and semi-formal look. Black hoodies with tan coats are a popular combination.


Hoodies are ageless wear for both genders. They provide style sandwiched with comfort. Although buying a hoodie is not as hard as you think if you know what you want.

Pick a suitable material and style. It depends on the season. Half-sleeved hoodies are best for summer. In comparison, winter hoodies offer more coverage. Also, buying an oversized hoodie isn’t anything ideal. You need to pick the perfect fit.

Then comes the shopping style. Which hoodie are you buying? A branded or a local one? Branded hoodies are usually expensive but have good durability. However, going for local sellers will deliver the best value for money if you have a limited budget.


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