A warehouse mezzanine is an elevated platform installed between ceilings and floors. It serves different purposes in warehouse operations. Mezzanines are excellent options to increase the workspace and storage spaces.

Types of warehouse mezzanines

There are many mezzanine facilities available in the market. They serve almost the same thing, but some have more unique advantages than others. Here are the most common ones you will meet in the market.

Freestanding mezzanines

They get used to keeping extra parts and products. They aren’t part of a building but need a floor to hold working employees and excess storage. They can hold shelving systems and parallel racks.

Building column connected mezzanines

They depend on the existing building structure for support. You have to design the facility to support or carry heavy loads if you need this mezzanine type. You can attach it to the wall and have all its columns rest on the floor.

Rack aided mezzanines

Their installation is either between or above pallet racks. Make sure the rack system can support the extra load. These mezzanines are very economical compared to freestanding ones. It’s because there is an existing structure.

Shelving supported mezzanines

They are ideal if you store smaller products and items alongside existing shelving. It’s possible to add more storage spaces or even have decks installed.

Uses and advantages of a warehouse mezzanine

More storage spaces

Outgrowing an existing warehouse facility is a significant problem. It affects many warehouse managers and owners. The warehouse mezzanines will add durable and accessible space to your warehouse. Their installation makes it easy to boost storage needs. You will meet warehouse product demands.

Ability to maintain the current location

It’s the most cost-effective solution to increase storage spaces without entering a new warehouse. You won’t have any need to move into a more extensive facility. When space is minimal, installing the mezzanines is the best solution. It’s expensive to build a new, more extensive facility than installing the mezzanines. They also save the hustle and cost of moving into the new facility.

Increased safety

Warehouses are among the dangerous places you can move in. The warehouse life can be dangerous. It’s because of heavy boxes and products stacked on top of others. People climbing ladders while others operating forklifts makes it dangerous too. To monitor every activity in a warehouse, you have to keep an eye on anything happening. Mezzanine floors provide extra storage and working spaces. They are also perfect vantage points to monitor what’s happening in that warehouse. In doing so, they help minimize accidents and injuries in the warehouse.

Warehouse mezzanines are cheap

Warehouse mezzanines are the cheapest options when you need additional space. It’s expensive to relocate to a new facility or build a new warehouse. When you choose a warehouse mezzanine, you will enjoy the benefits. You will receive the most from your business.


The installation of warehouse mezzanines will benefit you in many ways than one. You need to check out the best-fit mezzanine you will install in your warehouse facility.


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